Technology has to be invented or adopted

Jared Diamond


New Technologies Consulting

Incorporating New Technologies into high rise residential building presents many challenges.

To avoid timing delays or over budget situations, Ikatu offers its services to professionally plan the deployment of the necessary infrastructure.

Once the infrastructure is in place, services accessibility and performance can then be improved by New Technologies, helping to exceed the expectations of the future owners.

Here is a list of some of the areas in which Ikatu has gained extensive expertise through its consulting contracts with Jade Residences at Brickell Bay, Jade Beach and Jade Ocean at Sunny Isles, Asia at Brickell Key and 15 Renwick at SOHO in New York City:


Improved Concierge Services

  • Access to the services from a cell phone or from the touch screen located in each Unit
  • Valet parking: direct requests to the Valet through a simple interface
  • Reservations for common areas and services, such as ballroom, business center, masseur, spa, and others
  • Ticket reservations
  • Building activities information, such as board of directors meetings and other notifications
  • Room Service
  • Communications: a simple and efficient way of communicating to the unit owner without disruptions
  • Package reception notification and management
  • Local information: restaurants, going out, shopping, shows, and other useful information

Building Multimedia Network and Connectivity

  • Fiber optic multimedia network backbone
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Managed Wireless Internet enabled common areas
  • IPTV and VOIP ready network

Unit design

  • Light dimming control, integrated to the building central control
  • Motorized shades control, integrated to the building central control
  • HVAC thermostat control, integrated to the building central control
  • Home networking: wired and managed wireless
  • In-wall touch screen to access the building services and communications
  • Audio, Video and Digital Entertainment infrastructure
  • Alarm integration
  • Intelligent House phone (VOIP)

Ikatu Consulting can help you incorporate New Technologies to suit your project, from infrastructure to services, from the conception to the final system turn-on, on time and within budget.

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