Would you have a computer as a source of all your entertainment content? Photos, Music, Movies, Podcast?

What if we tell you that you can do so, without ever using the keyboard and the mouse, but just the remote control you normally use to watch TV and DVDs?


The best way we have found so far to do this is with a Mac Mini from Apple. This computer has many advantages: it’s very small, it’s noiseless (a media computer needs to be on 24/7), it runs OS X (a very stable and robust operating system), and comes loaded with Front Row, the media server software from Apple.

We then connect the Mac Mini to BeoSystem 3, the Bang & Olufsen home theater surround sound and picture engine and voila! Magic unfolds.

You can now so easily glance at your last vacation trip photos with just one click on Beo 4 or Beo 5, the amazing and truly easy to use remotes from Bang & Olufsen. Then enjoy your smart music play-list so easily configured through iTunes, or watch a movie downloaded right from the Internet.

All this from your big plasma or LCD TV! The experience is a far cry away from the computer experience you have so far being limited to when wanting to access and enjoy the new media. Actually you don’t even need to know anything about computers to enjoy all the benefits!

But it doesn’t end here. You can easily as well enjoy your music stored in the Mac Mini all around your home by adding BeoPort. For instance, change music tracks, and play-lists again and again with the Beo 4 remote control. And you can even be outside your the garden listing to your outdoor speakers and change the song in iTunes with the same remote control.

If by any chance you feel a little bit lost by now, we are here to help as we don’t sell boxes, or packages; we sell experiences, so we do take full care of all hidden technicalities for you and we are ready to answer all your questions in the comfort of your home. You just only need to relax on your comfortable sofa with one remote control in your hand and enjoy all the goodies at all times!

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